Think Big!

Thinking big with gardens, solutions for integrated technology and being sustainable through selling and designing.  Taking orders for upcoming seasonal vegetables – survey community.  Community supported agriculture?


Extended classroom structure

Having students for a second year in a row this year I see the benefit of one teacher for more than a year, you get to know them, how they learn, what they need and actually fill gaps, there are no wasted terms while you ‘get to know each other’.

Trust – huge part of this reading.

Student blogging

Colin and I have discussed the possibility of setting up individual student blogs.

My students really enjoy our class blog and have enjoyed writing it together.  I am looking at more ways to give students the opportunity to write and to get feedback on their writing and am considering using kidblog to give each student their own online space to write.  This article gives great advice on how to get started and how to discuss online etiquette to really boost the quality of the writing being done online.

3 Tips for Successful Student Blogging

Ideally this could be linked to our class blog and be a way of collating student evidence as a type of portfolio.

Our class blog can be found here though what I find is that there is minimal engagement in the blog from class families.  By adding individual student blogs where parents are linked to their child’s work we may be able to increase traffic to the school blog/website and therefore their child’s learning.