Freedom to come and go

classrooms open to the outdoors, some students in boxes (classrooms) can become nervous, scared and try to hide.  Let them go and they will come back.  Need an element of danger, risk, teaches them to assess risk and to help each other, create society.  Less individual, egocentric behaviour, more teamwork through necessity.  Noise is normal and appropriate.


Child’s views on learning

Some holiday reading that is written in kids speak, using child’s language and giving their views on classrooms, teaching and learning.

Holmes, J (1999) Learn, Think, Live – Mike Scadden’s amazing new method of learning.

I’m wondering whether I know this about the students I teach? Have I ever asked them what they think of our classroom environment, how they like to learn or how they’d like to be taught?

In most cases I make a judgement about their style of learning as I get to know them, I observe them in different situations and adjust my program and classroom in response.

What sticks out for me is the highlights for students, the things that I didn’t expect and the things that I would only know about my day, lesson, classroom etc. by asking.

I would like to read this with my class to prompt discussion and to them confidence in their responses.