Apps to support writing

I have been working with a target group of students and out local RTLit to explore a variety of ways to engage and motivate them during writing time.

We are using Book Creator to record learning and as a tool to write with.  I enjoy using book creator as it allows for students to import photos and videos and record their voice when reading or when getting ideas for writing.  It has been a great motivator for most of our target group and they love to share their books with others.

What I don’t like about Book Creator is that it is a work in progress until published which means that on a bad day, things can be changed and deleted from previous lessons.  We have created some rules around the use of the books, when and where and who can access them.  This then limits their use to time spent with a teacher and takes some of the ownership away from the writer.  I am using it as a type of modelling book with examples of the students work recorded along with anecdotal notes written by me.  The advantage of pen and paper here is that it can be readily accessed by the student without fear of things going missing.

I found this article informative when looking for other options.


12 August 2016 – I am revisiting this blog post as I reflect on my teaching of writing in my new room with a different set of students but with two students who I would like to accelerate.  I am looking at what worked from my practice in the past and looking to bring this back into my program successfully.

iPads are a tool, and one that I should use more of in order to motivate and engage reluctant writers.  I have seen it work successfully with book creator with students developing a real care and ownership of their work.  For students who do not normally have work published – due to time, quantity, focus etc. have work ‘published’ in this digital format during each mini lesson.  The can use their need for colour and order at times to produce work to be proud of and want to do more of.

I need to invest the time to teach my newer students how to use the iPad as a tool as the time it takes to teach should payback with an increase in quality of work produced.



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